Plan to Kidnap His Daughter Made Kamal Write Mahanadi Story 

Akshara or Shruthi  with their parents - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Mahanadi is Kamal Haasan's one of the best movies. He was praised for his acting skills and the film was lauded for the sensitive portrayal of the problem of girl child trafficking. But, do you know that it was inspired by a real life incident? Do you know that Kamal was spurred into making the film after an attempt to lift his own girl?

Yes! Kamal himself said this. He had kept this a major secret all these years. He had now revealed this to the HIndustan Times. He said some persons, including his domestic help, wanted to kidnap his daughter for ransom. They even had a dry-run. Kamal came to know about it in the nick of the moment and saved his daughter from the clutches of those people. He then wrote the incident into a story. “My fear, my apprehension and paranoia about my child helped me add meat to the story,” actor said.

Kamal revealed this while curating 70 favourite films of his for the Hindustan times. To each story has has appended an anecdote and that's how the inspiration behind Mahanadi came to light. But, quite interestingly, Kamal did not reveal which of his daughters - Akshara or Shruthi - was the target of the child-lift.

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