PK in Politics-Shot Ready, Pack Up: BC Leader

Jana Sena founder and actor Pawan Kalyan - Sakshi Post

Jana Sena founder and actor Pawan Kalyan has a shoot and scoot style in politics which was described by the state president of BC welfare Association, Kummara Kranti Kumar, as "shot ready and pack up" style. Kumar said that Pawan Kalyan makes his appearance when the command "shot ready" is shouted and goes away the minute someone says "pack up".

Pawan cannot contribute in any way politically nor would people benefit stand to gain from his political presence, Kranti Kumar said. He said that people drawn from his community now hesitate to trust the actor turned politician.

Kranti Kumar said there is a trust deficit with regard to Pawan Kalyan mainly because of his style of making sudden appearances as a politician and then disappearing without a trace. He should change his style of politics at least now, and be accessible to people, Kumar said.

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