Pawan Kalyan to meet Narendra Modi on March 17?

Pawan Kalyan to meet Narendra Modi on March 17? - Sakshi Post

Power Star Pawan Kalyan, who entered active politics with the slogan ‘Congress Hatao Desh Bachao’, is reportedly becoming closer to BJP.

A leading newspaper published a news report that Pawan has fixed an appointment with Narendra Modi on March 17. Pawan is not available for getting confirmed the news.

The reason for the kind of news is clear. In his speech a couple of days ago, Pawan did not say even one word against either BJP or TDP.  (Read Here)

Further, his slogan ‘Congress Hatao, Desh Bachao’ just matches that of Narendra Modi.

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It can be said that the electoral alliance between BJP and TDP is finalized. The political analysts are of the opinion that BJP may incline towards using the stardom of Pawan Kalyan to get some benefit in the next elections. (Chiranjeevi's response)

The main problem for Pawan Kalyan’s party to contest in the next elections is his party is yet to get the recognition from the Election Commission of India. It has also the problem of common symbol. These kind of problems are giving substance for the speculations that Pawan eyed on the BJP.

Whatever be the reports, the meet of Modi and Pawan became an interesting thing for all. Pawan is likely to convene a meeting in a couple of days to release a book on the policies of his party Jana Sena.

The cine actor and TDP leader Murali Mohan has issued a statement welcoming Pawan into TDP. The fans association leaders of Pawan are also advising Pawan to opt for an alliance with TDP.

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