Pawan'ism' is slowly changing to Modi'ism': Raghvulu

Pawan'ism' is slowly changing to Modi'ism': Raghvulu - Sakshi Post

Power star Pawan Kalyan is slowly increasing the list of his political foes. After rubbing many a Congress leader the wrong way, he is now being targeted by CPI (M) leaders as well.

Coming down hevaily on Pawan for the latter's endorsement of Narendra Modi, BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate, CPI (M) State secretary B.V. Raghavulu said,  "We thought Pawan Kalyan's Jana Sena party was formed for the betterment of public,  but it seems the party has been formed to make Modi, the Prime Minister."  

Addressing a gathering in Vijayawada as part of his party's election campaign, Raghavulu said that Pawan'ism', contrary to the public exceptions, seems to have changed to Modi'ism'.

He added that by going ahead with the division, Congress has become empty in Seemandhra and its leaders have started switching loyalties to other parties in Telangana. 


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