Pawan blooper: PM Modi's rule most corrupt

Pawan blooper: PM Modi's rule most corrupt - Sakshi Post

Has Narendra Modi worked as a prime minister before? Was his regime at Delhi marked by corruption and black money?

The answer is yes, if you are Pawan Kalyan. 

According to Pawan Kalyan, the country witnessed unbriddled corruption and whopping amounts of black money. Pawan said this at a public meeting in West Godavari's Narsapur. He said this in full public view. 

Taken aback by this latest Pawanism, the BJP leaders on the dais had to remind him that Modi has never been India's prime minister till now and even now, he still has a long way to reach Delhi. Pawan's faux paus led to peels of laughter not just among the audience, but even among those who shared dais with him.

His speeches are increasingly becoming butt of jokes and the Internet is already full of them. Bloopers after bloopers from this leader sans Jana Sena are fast turning into great sources of entertainment for the people.

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