Pawan Answerable For TDP Misrule: Vasireddy Padma

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Reshmi AR

Pawan Kalyan has begun a new drama to garner votes, said YSRCP's official spokesperson Vasireddy Padma. Addressing the media at the party headquarters in Hyderabad on Thursday, she said the public can't be fooled no matter how many cheap tricks Pawan plays. She also said that the actor is feigning innocence by stating that he is not craving for the CM's post. "He knows very well that he can never get that position however much he may covet it. Pawan has to question his own principles," she asserted. Posing questions once in a while isn't responsible enough, she said.

Here's how Vasireddy Padma responded to Jana Sena founder Pawan Kalyan's comments:

  • Pawan Kalyan convinced people to vote for TDP and BJP
  • Does Pawan have no responsibility towards the 600 poll promises made by Chandrababu Naidu?
  • Does TDP manifesto carry Pawan's picture?
  • Pawan Kalyan is accountable for the promises made by TDP and BJP
  • He is responsible for bringing TDP to power
  • How can Pawan shirk responsibility saying he has nothing to do with the TDP rule?
  • Is he in a position to question the government or reply to the public?
  • Has he ever questioned the government in the last four years?
  • Pawan has been an obstacle to the benefits the state deserved?
  • Instead of taking the government to task, he's blaming the opposition
  • Why isn't Pawan questioning TDP's Rs 200 crore expenditure during the Nandyal by-elections?
  • Who's responsible for AP turning into a debt state?
  • Politics is not portraying different characters in movies
  • Didn't the suffering of people over the last four years melt Pawan's heart?
  • Pawan couldn't care less about Chandrababu's injustice to people for the last four years
  • Was Pawan in a sedated state all these years?
  • He's back on the scene for the sake of votes
  • Pawan has started a new drama now!
  • Chandrababu Naidu has borrowed Rs 1,20,000 crores in the last three years
  • Why hasn't Pawan questioned the government on this?
  • Why was Praja Rajyam merged with Congress after its defeat?
  • Pawan has let down people who trusted him
  • YS Jagan never succumbed to packages or yielded to threats
  • No conspiracies can tarnish YS Jagan's unblemished image
  • YS Jagan is fighting for the just cause of the people
  • Pawan never questioned Chandrababu in the infamous note-for-vote case
  • Pawan must start introspecting
  • The TDP bought 22 MLAs like cattle
  • TDP paid Rs 30 crore to each MLA and spent Rs 700 crores in all
  • Pawan has put himself in the dock by supporting Chandrababu Naidu
  • Every finger pointed at Chandrababu is raised towards Pawan Kalyan as well
  • Pawan has lost the right to question because the right to question comes with responsibility

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