Pavani, Sravan To Be Questioned By Police To Ascertain Reasons Behind Pradeep’s Suicide 

Pradeep had a bright future as an upcoming actor; Pavani looked unfazed by husband’s suicide. Sravan celebrated birthday party at the flat. - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: In view of doubts being raised by the family and friends of TV actor Pradeep over his suicide, Narsingi police on Friday questioned his wife Pavani Reddy and her friend Sravan to further inquire into the circumstances that led the actor to take such an extreme step.

It may be recalled that the couple and a few other friends celebrated the birthday party of Sravan, who is stated to be a friend of Pavani and was staying at her flat in Green Iconia Apartments after coming back from Qatar four months ago. Pavani claimed that Sravan was staying with them only with the permission of her husband. The friends had drinks at the flat the night before Pradeep locked himself in his bedroom.

Pavani told media that she took it as a common incident as he is in such a habit of sulking over petty issues. She said she slept on sofa leaving him alone. Sravan was in another room, according to her.

Both Pavani and Sravan tried to wake Pradeep up at 4am but there was no response from inside the room. Then they broke open the door and found the actor hanging from a ceiling fan. They tried to rescue him, but Pavani said he was lifeless by the time they released him from the noose.

Though the post-mortem report confirmed that the death happened due to hanging himself and it was a clear suicide, the police are now trying to ascertain the circumstances that led him to end life; especially when he was making good progress in his acting career.

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If Pavani or Sravan or both together are found creating such a situation where Pradeep got frustrated with life, they may be charged with abetment to suicide. However, the graveness of the abetment could not ascertained, according to Narsingi Inspector P. Ramchander Rao. He said there were serious issues between the couple, but that could not be a reason for suicide.

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