Pattiseema: An exercise in futility?

Pattiseema: An exercise in futility? - Sakshi Post

For AP chief minister Chandrababu Naidu, Pattiseema project is as prestigious as the to-be constructed AP Capital.

He is launching the works on the project on Monday in West Godavari district. But, questions remain still about the viability and utility of the project.

Why Pattiseema project now?

It seems Pattiseema project is being taken up in a hurry only for kickbacks with the excess quote in tenders as the process cannot be completed in one year and on the other Polavaram, which has attained national status stands to be ignored. The Chief Minister appears to be more bothered about the 22 % excess quoted in the tenders and not in providing waters to the arid Rayalaseema region, argues Opposition YSRCP.

Can it be completed in one year as the TDP government assures us?

Unlikely!  All the stake-holders have not been taken into confidence. Pattiseema project has legal issues to be addressed. The farmers who are likely to lose lands due to the Pattiseema works are up in arms. There are cases pending in area covered under right bank canal in an extent of 1,700 acres and some of the area covered is a forest land for which no clearance is obtained from the Centre. Yet, the State is rushing through the project as it is satisfied with the 22 % excess amount quoted in the tenders. Two aqueducts are to be constructed for the project and there is no ground work being done for them till now.  It is unlikely that the project will be completed in one year.

What will happen to Polavaram Project?

Pattiseema project is in the downstream of Polavaram and the distance is less than 10 km.  Both the projects run parallel to each other and emphasis on Pattiseema only means that there would be no Polavaram project in near future. On the other hand, it will strengthen the argument of the people who are opposing Polavaram.  To allay the genuine fears of the people, the State Government has to categorically announce as to how it will complete the project and at what cost. It has to give a categorical assurance on Polavaram Project. Pattiseema is being opposed by not only the main opposition party, but also by TDP leaders and farmers’ associations who fear that it will affect the Polavaram project.

Will Rayalaseema be benefited by Pattiseema Project as claimed by Chandrababu?

Interestingly, the 85 TMC of water that the TDP government claims would be transferred to Krishna upstream of Pulichintala from Pattiseema, would be using the Polavaram main canal constructed during YSR regime. But, the water can be transferred only during flood season as Pattiseema is a Lift Irrigation Scheme. At the same time, Krishna too would be in Spate. Further, with repairs to Pothireddypadu Head Regulator pending, how the water  can be diverted from Krishna river to Rayalaseema is a big question.  Water will come to Rayalaseema only if there is storage capacity and this would come only if Galeru Nagari, Handri Neeva and Pulichintala projects are completed. So, there is no immediate hope for the parched Rayalaseema region.

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