Patients left in the lurch as medical services shut down

Patients left in the lurch as medical services shut down - Sakshi Post

Junior doctors working in Gandhi, Osmania, Siddartha and Rangaraya hospitals, have boycotted in-patient services including emergency services today  as part of an indefinite strike which was started five days ago, to demand clear guidelines for posting them on rural service.

Sources said that their agitation will continue till the government concedes to their demands. In support of their demands, junior doctors took part in a demonstration organized at many places.They were seen standing in front of the Hospital administration blocks, shouting slogans against the government.
They demand that the government look into specific issues like the criteria for posting a junior doctor at a rural area, salaries during the service period and provisions for accommodation and security.
The government has failed to implement the bipartite agreement reached between the JUDAs and the government three months back. To protest against the government's failure, the junior doctors submitted their strike notices 72 hours before.
With the ongoing shutdown of medical services, patients suffering from dengue, malaria and viral fever aren't able to get treatment. Adding to their woes, doctors from the Andhra Medical College and Ruya Hospital in Tirupati have stooped attending to even emergency duties from today. 

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