Pathetic Sabita Indra Reddy !

Pathetic Sabita Indra Reddy ! - Sakshi Post

Sabita Indra Reddy influenced a lot of clout during the rule of late Dr.Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy. But, she is now one of the most disappointed politicians in the state.

As part of the party’s policy of ‘one ticket only in a family’, she was denied the ticket to contest this time as her son Karthik Reddy got the  chance to contest from Chevella parliamentary constituency.

The plan of Sabita is such that she can try for the victory of her son, if all the assembly candidates under the parliamentary constituency of Chevella are her persons. If that is happened, she thought that the winning of Karthik Reddy will be an easier thing then. But, she could not succeed in the same and the tickets there were allotted to the leaders in her opposite camp in the party. 

Her own constituency, Maheswaram, is now allotted to CPI and thus Sabita lost a chance to contest from here.

The same is the case with Rajendra Nagar constituency. Jnaneswar Mudiraj, an opponent of Sabita in the party, is now the party candidate from the constituency.

With this, Sabita is in dilemma on her next step.  

- Sakshipost

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