Parking Fee May Not Burn Your Pocket at Numaish This Time

Parking Fee May Not Burn Your Pocket at Numaish This Time - Sakshi Post

Traffic Police Try to Provide Free Parking

Hyderabad: In a move to curb the 15-year-old parking mafia at the exhibition grounds in Nampally in Hyderabad, the traffic police have given a proposal to the government to arrange free parking space for those who visit the exhibition – Numaish, which is held for 45 days from the first week of January every year.

It is reported that almost 50 lakh people visit the exhibition and lakhs are vehicles – two wheelers and four wheelers are parked at the illegal parking areas around the exhibition grounds. Several government offices, colleges around the exhibition grounds allow people to park their vehicles in their premises for exhorbitant fees un tp Rs100 and even more on peak hours during the weekends.

Though the parking rates according to GHMC are Rs.10 for two wheelers and Rs. 20 for four wheelers, the illegal parking lot owners charge around Rs. 30 and Rs. 60 for two-wheelers and four-wheelers respectively.

However, traffic police DGP Ranganath held meetings with the organizing committee of the exhibition in order to implement the free parking, putting a full-stop to the parking mafia.

It is said that nearby party offices have also asked their leaders to represent their parties and hold talks with the DGP to extend their support to the free parking proposal by allowing people to park their vehicles in their party office premises for free.

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