Parakala's self-contradictory statements on Babu's audio tapes!!

Parakala's self-contradictory statements on Babu's audio tapes!! - Sakshi Post

AP Government's advisor Parakala Prabhakar's defense of CM Chandrababu Naidu was without conviction and was like defending the indefensible, say political watchers.

When the audio tapes of Chandrababu Naidu assuring TRS MLA Stephenson of all support went viral, the TDP government fielded Parakala Prabhakar to defend Chandrababu. However, his comments were self-contradictory. He initially said the voice in the tape was not that of Chandrababu. Later, he said different excerpts from Chandrababu's speeches were cobbled together to doctor the conversation.

Then, he argued that this was a case of phone-tapping and that T government is tapping neighbouring CM's phone calls. But, the tape clearly showed that the call was made to Stephenson and the phone conversation was recorded at Stephenson's end. Similarly, Parakala argued that the T Government had said it had furnished all the details to the court and asked where from did this new tape come from. This again is a tame argument, say analysts.

On the whole Parakala was clearly defending the indefensible, say analysts.

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