Padmalaya Studio's case to be reopened

Padmalaya Studio's case to be reopened - Sakshi Post

Actor Krishna owned Padmalaya Studio is again in the news. The district authorities have now decided to reopen the case for violation of certain conditions.

Hyderabad District Collector M.K.Meena now asked the state government to do so.

The studio was in controversy for selling away about five acres of the land allotted to it.

“In 1982, the state government allotted the land for the construction of the studio there. But, the studio owners sold away a part of it by violating the agreement”, said the district collector.

As the conditions were violated, the government issued a show cause notice to the owners. But, later ,after an appeal, the owners won the case.

The owners are saying that the rights on the land are with them once it was allotted to them. But, the government said that it allotted the land for a specific purpose and that the conditions were violated.

The district authorities took up the issue four years ago and urged the state government to take back the portion of the land which was sold away by the owners of the studio.

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