Over 50 Lakh Join YSR Atmeeya Kutumbam, Ground Swell Of Support For YSRCP

K Parthasarathi addressing the media  - Sakshi Post

Over 50 lakh persons have joined the YSR Atmiya Kutumbam so far across the state. The party workers, who are going from door-to-door are getting very positive response.

"The joinings are voluntary. There was no use of force or threat. The people have joined the YSR Kutumbam on their own," said party spokesperson K Parthasarathi on Wednesday. He told media persons that the party workers are interacting with the people at large and are witnessing a groundswell of support for the YSRCP among the people. He said the people are fed up with the misrule of Chandrababu Naidu and his TDP government. The people are recalling the YSR era fondly and are expressing deep resentment at the Chandrababu rule, he pointed out. He said the people are pointing out that YSR had put in place several welfare measures during his reign and are comparing YSR rule with the present day governance of Chandrababu Naidu.

The TDP victory in Nandyal was not on the basis of TDP's innate strength. The TDP has spent hundreds of crores of rupees to win Nandyal.

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