Okka Kshnam Original: Allu Sirish Slams Critics Over Copy Allegations

Allu Sirish - Sakshi Post

Telugu movie makers are a worried lot. Whenever teaser or a poster of a new movie is released, there's one section of people always saying the film has drawn inspiration from a Hollywood film.

It has happened with many Tollywood films but none of the stars care to respond to such reports. But one star decided to give back in equal measure.

He is none other than Allu Sirish and his upcoming flick Okka Kshanam is now a mired in plagiarized controversy. The film is slated for release on December 28.

Recently, the makers of Okka Kshanam released the trailer of the film for which they received a positive response from the critics and public alike. But their happiness was short-lived as some reports suggested that it was a copy of the Korean Movie "Parallel Life."

Recently, Allu Sirish while addressing a press conference, stated that he had watched the Korean Movie "Parallel Life" but it his film is totally different and has no connection with the Korean movie.

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