No ventilator in MGM hospital, baby dies

No ventilator in MGM hospital, baby dies - Sakshi Post

A four-day-old baby died due to negligent doctors. The parents are deeply saddened and in a state of shock. The baby which was born four days ago lost her life in the Warangal MGM hospital. Irresponsibility of the doctors is said to be the major cause for the tragedy.

 What is appalling is the fact that just one ventilator is working in such a huge hospital. Apparently, this is the third such unfortunate occurrence  in the last l0 days.

The baby was born to Giri and Jyoti who hail from Vardhannapeta Warangal district. The child was brought to the hospital yesterday morning as the baby was suffering from respiratory problem. The doctors could put the baby on ventilator only for a few hours as there was just one, thus the baby lost her life once she was taken off the equipment to accommodate another patient.

The same took place four days back with a baby called Manasa and the Regional Medical Officer (RMO) bluntly and haplessly saying: “What can we do? Lack of funds is the only reason for the lack of more ventilators. We require 20- 25 ventilators, but we only have one working which we have to distribute among the rest of the patients.” On this note, when the relatives of the victim and media asked “Why don’t you repair the rest of the ventilators?” the answer was “It's not in our hands, only government can take a call on this!”
The baby’s family members and relatives attacked the hospital and accused the authorities there of negligence. Talking to  media, one of the relatives said, "It is  very  sad for the parents as  we  expected that the  baby  will  recover  and  could be taken back home safe. We never thought we will be carrying her dead body.”
It's unfortunate and unbelievable that such incidents can happen in a developing town like Warangal.




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