No safety for the Khairtabad Ganesh ‘Laddu’

No safety for the Khairtabad Ganesh ‘Laddu’ - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: The all famous Khairtabad Ganesh ‘Laddu’ has no safety! The ‘laddu’ is being stolen in bits and pieces.

The organizers had a tough time distributing the ‘laddu prasad’ as the crowd that had gathered for their share of the prasadam was absolutely uncontrollable. The police had to intervene to get things under control and also few devotees were injured as they were caned, after which the organizers decided to give away the laddu to its makers.

While the laddu was being sent to Tapeswaram, where it was made, a few robbers had stopped the truck in which it was being transported. After looting the laddu, the robbers sold it in bits and pieces and fled the spot when media was informed of their foul play.

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