No Pawan 'hawa' in Telangana

No Pawan 'hawa' in Telangana - Sakshi Post

In star obsessed South, fading stars float political parties and win MLA seats. But, actor Pawan Kalyan did not follow this trajectory. He floated the party, but threw his weight behind some one else, the TDP-BJP combine in this case.

His presence in the Central Hall of Parliament on Tuesday, along with Prime Minister designate Narendra Modi showed how vital was he to the BJP plans in Andhra. Interestingly, the NDA-BJP enthusiasm apart, Pawan Kalyan failed to rake up much 'hawa' in Telangana.  Kalyan had negligible impact in Andhra Pradesh, save for a couple of districts.

 On the other hand,  there were not many takers in Telangana. In the region, TDP-BJP alliance lost miserably. Interestingly, in places toured by Kalyan, Adilabad, Karimnagar, among others, BJP fared poorly.  The campaigning saw vicious attacks on TRS chief K Chandrasekhara Rao against each. Kalyan  lambasted KCR for the latter's role in dividing the state, and even threatened to 'flay KCR's skin' if he belittled Modi.

This mudslinging and aggressive comments, political pundits opine, clearly went against the actor. His anti-KCR comments in Telangana, one of the few states to escape the Modi tsunami, came to a naught. His fans abandoned him and chose TRS instead.  And, KCR registered a resounding victory in Telangana

So while Kalyan had a minuscule impact in Andhra, in Telangana his endorsing the TDP-BJP alliance bore no fruits.





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