'No one person can claim credit for Telangana'

'No one person can claim credit for Telangana' - Sakshi Post


“The state of Telangana could be formed only with the efforts of all the people of Telangana. One or two people can’t claim credit for it,” said Haragopal, a Professor at Central University in Hyderabad.

Haragopal said, “Neither AICC President Sonia Gandhi granted the new state nor TRS President K.Chandrasekhara Rao brought it.”
He made the comments while speaking at a seminar organized by ‘Society for Change in Education (SCIE) in Warangal on Sunday.
“Telangana state was not merely the result of efforts of  political leaders, but the sacrifice of many people. Some hundreds of people laid down their lives for the new state. All sections of people in the region participated in the agitations done for the cause,” commented the professor.
He stressed the need for protecting the Joint Action Committee, which played a key role in the movement done for the new state.

- Sakshipost

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