No 'neatness' in NEET in AP

No 'neatness' in NEET in AP - Sakshi Post

NEET- The National Eligibility cum Entrance test was conducted in the state on May 5, 2013.

 This is a common entrance test for students aspiring for a career in Medicineor Dentistry,  across the nation. While all the other states had agreed for this, Andhra Pradesh denied on the pretext that the students of the state were not ready for this national level exam yet.The Supreme Court was supposed to pass its judgment on this disapproval, last October. But alas, it took place after the exam was conducted in May, and now the NEET exam stands invalid for some students in AP. Andhra Pradesh was not ready togive the required 15% quota to the non-locals in the medical colleges and hence denied the NEET exam for this year.The initial judgement also said that, if students appeared for NEET and submitted an affidavit, they would not be eligible to apply in any of the AP colleges, but would be eligible for all the other colleges coming within NEET in other states.Consequently, if no affidavit was submitted, the students would be eligible only within state and notelsewhere outside the state.The students of the state who were not clear about the validity of the  examination did not understand how to prepare for it. While some awaited the pending decision, others bought books and started preparation andsome gave up on the exam.
The pattern was different, and the students needed a lot of practice to appear for it. Besides, the syllabus that NEET follows is different from what the state follows. This was another reason why the students and the institutions were in doldrums over the preparation.The coaching centres did not  concentrate on this exam as much as they did on EAMCET resulting in the lack of confidence among students to face NEET.Now that NEET is not considered for the AP, students are disappointed.  They say that it had been a waste of time and money. Each application costed Rs 1000. Many students bought numerous new books torefer to as part of their preparation for the exams. The students say that,more than time and money, they were mentally very confused and irritated with this lack of organisation by thegovernment. They did not have a sure shot idea to tackle the exam.  Grade XI and XII are most crucial times of one's life, in making a decision on career and goals. Insuch a situation, this confusion in state is definitely not what the students want. It is so unfair for the Andhra students today, that they get to contest for exams either in the same state or elsewhere; they cannot appear for both!While their counterparts in Punjab or Karnataka have more opportunity to appear for the exam which would be valid within state and they are also eligible for a 15% quota outside state.
 The Government should look into the matter from this point of view too and make quicker and better decisions to ensure the best interests of the students are met.It is time the students of AP appeared for national/international level exams, without any fear and with a broader perspective.They should prepare and challenge themselves at every stage to bring out the best in them. Instead of opposing novelty, and sticking to their comfort zone, institutes must confront it and encourage students to take part beyond the state, because there is way more that the world has to offer.




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