No longer CM, Kiran's security gets reduced

No longer CM, Kiran's security gets reduced - Sakshi Post

Resignation from the post of chief minister brings, with it, its own perils. The personal security of caretaker chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, Kiran Kumar Reddy has been reduced drastically, as he no longer holds the position of CM.

With the state gearing up for President's rule, Kiran will become soon become the last CM of AP.  

Till Friday, Kiran was enjoying the security of five bullet proof vehicles, and that will be reduced to one. Further, an ambulance vehicle,which is generally followed by his convoy, will also be removed.  

Interestingly, Kiran used to enjoy the costliest convoy in the country. Two of his vehicles were approximately Rs 4 crores.  

However, he will be provided with the security that a former chief minister generally has.


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