NIA, Hyd cops divide over blast probe

NIA, Hyd cops divide over blast probe - Sakshi Post

The investigation into the February 21 Dilshuknagar twin blasts turned out to be a big tussle between the police and the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

Union Home Minister Susheel Kumar Shinde had announced on the day of the blast that the NIA team would be deployed to probe into the ghastly blast incident.

The NIA had obtained permission from Supreme Court for interrogating IM operatives Syed Maqbool and Imran Khan, who had been lodged in Tihar Jail in connection with Pune serial blasts that had taken place in August, 2012. Both the operatives brought to Hyderabad on Friday for questioning to extract information about the masterminds and the key suspects in the blast. 

The Hyderabad police too launched the investigation into the blast in parallel and DGP Dinesh Reddy announced recently that they had obtained some major proofs from the blast site and the investigation was progressing. Despite the advice to the State Government from the Union Home Ministry to transfer the case to NIA, the local police decided to go ahead with its 12 teams for the purpose of probe into the case in continuation to the cases registered at two local police stations. The tussle between the NIA and the Hyderabad police took a new turn on Saturday when both the teams prepared to question the IM operatives Syed Maqbool and Imran Khan. 

It is understood that the NIA lodged its complaint with the Union Home Ministry about the interference of the local police in the probe. In turn, the Home Ministry hinted at the Kiran Government to keep away from the investigation. About 16 people were killed and more than 100 were injured in the twin blasts.



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