Watch| Mina Plaza Towers in Abu Dhabi Demolished in 10 Seconds

 - Sakshi Post

ABU DHABI: UAE-based Modon Properties, a major developer of residential communities, has set a new Guinness World Records title for the 'Tallest building demolished using explosives (controlled demolition)' with successful razing of Mina Plaza towers in the Mina Zayed area, Abu Dhabi.

With a total of 144 floors, the four high rise towers were demolished in approximately 10 seconds with stable non-primary explosives placed in 18,000 drill holes within the structures six days ago.

On the key milestone, Ahmed Al Shaikh Al Zaabi, the director of delivery at Modon, said: "We are pleased that Guinness World Records has recognised Modon for the successful and safe demolition of Mina Plaza as the tallest building demolished using explosives in a controlled demolition. (Source Tade Arabia)

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