Pope's Accidental Like On Bikini Model’s Insta Photo Sparks Cheeky Reactions

 - Sakshi Post

VATICAN: In a recent social media outage, a  bikini model recently claimed that her ''saucy' post was liked by Pope Francis’ Instagram account.

Natalia Garibotto shared a photo of her wearing a rather revealing outfit from down below, in which she was seen wearing a crop top, and extremely short skirt showing off her rear.

The lady claimed that the pontiff’s verified Instagram account ‘Franciscus’ was among the 133,000 people that ‘liked’ her photo!

The like was immediately taken off, but a few naughty users managed to save screen shots and this led to series of cheeky reactions and fun thread.

 ‘At least I’m going to heaven,’ she jokingly commented to the ‘like’ reaction.

My mans just admiring God’s creation leave him alone,’ said one user. While another user said that the god created such an #$% and the pontiff is just admiring it.Others were shocked to know that the Pope actually had an Instagram account.

The Pope's official Instagram account, which is under the user name franciscus, has 7.4 million followers worldwide.

Sources close to the Vatican's press office that the accounts were "managed by a team of employees" and an internal investigation was now under way by the Vatican.

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