As Joe Biden Inches Closer To Victory, Trump Mounts Legal Battle 

US Elections 2020  latest update - Sakshi Post

Joe Biden: Democratic Party: 264

Donald Trump:Republican Party: 214  

WASHINGTON: Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his running mate Senator Kamala Harris of Indian origin inched closer to the magic figure of 270 Electoral College votes, even as incumbent Republican President Donald Trump moved ahead with his plan to mount a massive legal battle.

Biden is falling short of six to 17 Electoral College votes, while Trump's count for the Electoral College votes stood at 214, with his path to victory getting narrower.

By late Wednesday, Trump declared victory in the battleground states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina and Georgia.

Biden exuded confidence in winning the race. "Keep faith in the process and in each other. Together, we will win this," he said in a tweet.
The Trump campaign went ahead with lawsuits in Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania and has demanded a recounting of votes in Wisconsin. Mainstream media has projected Biden as the winner in Michigan and Wisconsin. Trump has maintained a lead in Pennsylvania.

Trump desperately needs to win three other battleground states -- Georgia, North Carolina, where he has a narrow lead, and Nevada, where Biden has a very slim lead. While the Trump campaign is hoping that the president would be able to win Arizona, many media outlets have projected Biden as the winner in that state.

Meanwhile, both the Biden and Trump campaigns have reached out to their respective support bases to raise funds for the legal battle.
"Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will stand for the right of all Americans to have their votes counted -- no matter who they voted for. And we remain confident that when that process is completed, Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States. But as always, we can only do it with your help," it added. (Source PTI)

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