Sonu Sood Foundation, Ankura Hospitals Successfully Treat Baby Girl: Check Details

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The girl weighed just 10 kg on admission

After 4 weeks of medical care, a healthy girl  was discharged

Doctors performed a rare surgery on this malnourished child

Hyderabad: Ankura Hospitals, a super specialty Hospital chain dedicated to Women and Children in the state of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh, with 10 Centers in Hyderabad, Khammam & Tirupati, in association with Sood Charity Foundation has successfully managed & cured a severely malnourished baby girl suffering from old burns and anemia.

Sharing the details Medical Director Dr.Srinidhi T at Ankura HospitalsLB Nagar said “ when Afeefa Maryum a 2 ½ years old girl, was admitted to our hospital she had a Chronic nonhealing wound with intermittent bleeding and  Severe anemia with malnutrition.  She was apparently asymptomatic till 1 year back when hot oil accidentally fell over her left tempers – parietal region, left hand, nape of the neck, and upper back of the trunk. She was immediately taken to a local hospital where collagen was applied (the main structural protein found in skin and other connective tissues, widely used in purified form for cosmetic surgical treatments) and was discharged within a week. Post-discharge, the child developed scalds over the left side of the scalp area and was again admitted to the same hospital when collagen was applied over the left side scalp & nape of the neck, for the 2nd time. The child didn’t receive sufficient diet & nutrients leading to malnourishment.

The parents of the child were distraught seeing their girl’s condition but had no money for further treatment. When they contacted Sood Charity Foundation for help with the treatment, actor Sonu Sood recommended Ankura Hospital For Women & Children. When the child was admitted to Ankura for further evaluation & management, the situation was critical and challenging due to the low weight and given her medical conditions.

24/7 expert Nursing care and specialist doctor team services led by Dr.Hari Kiran was rendered to the baby as the initial few weeks are crucial for nutrition, maturation of lungs & brain, and for establishing feeds. 4 weeks of special care by the entire medical team who spent several sleepless nights in managing the baby along with access to the advanced equipment, standardized treatment protocols, key medical intervention & procedure helped the baby to survive.”.

We used the following medical procedures to help revive the baby

  •  In view of low Hb level, 3 times PRBC transfusion was given, and serial Hb level was monitored.
  • The child was started on IV antibiotics, antipyretic, antacid & other supportive management. 
  • Plastic surgeon opinion sought and advised debridement + VAC dressing under GA
  • high calorie, high protein diet and also micronutrients also started.
  • Surgery: Debridement + VAC dressing done under GA

Now it is dream come true for Parents and Ankura hospital for women & children, as we discharged a healthy baby”, added Founder & CEO Ankura Hospital for Women & Children – Dr. Krishna Prasad Vunnam

Expressing his happiness Sonu Sood,  Chairperson of Sood Charity Foundation said “ Nothing brings me more joy than saving a life!! I have worked with Ankura Hospital in the past. During the pandemic, I have referred some critical cases in gynecology and pediatrics to them and they showed remarkable results. Every person who got treated had returned home hale and healthy. It strengthened my belief and resolve to become more seriously involved with such a healthcare brand that practices what it preaches”

“ I am happy to be Ankura’s Brand Ambassador seeing the organization tirelessly working on fulfilling the vision and making Ankura the most trusted and reliable partner for woman and child health care. Everyone here at Ankura is passionate about making a real difference. I am thankful to Ankura group of hospitals for including me as well in their endeavors of building a nation with healthy women and children” Sonu Sood added

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