TRS Focus On Huzurabad Cadre After Etela Rajender Row

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TRS Focus On Huzurabad Cadre, Etela Rajender Alienated

Huzurabad is being kept in check.

In Kamalapur, there was a protest against Etela Rajender.

Warangal: The TRS cadre close to the former health minister and Huzurabad MLA Etela Rajender is being pushed out by the party supremo. A strategy is being put in place to isolate and alienate Rajendar, who is seen constantly attacking the leadership through press conferences. If Rajender's party cadre leaves, the TRS will tighten its grip on the Huzurabad constituency, which will leave it without any public representatives, leaders, or activists from the TRS close to him. Political equations are changing rapidly after a week of waiting.

Leaders are declaring, 'We will work under the leadership of KCR, we will remain in TRS'.

While BC Welfare Minister Gangula Kamalakar is in constant touch with Kamalapur, Veenavanka, Jammikunta, and Huzurabad leaders under the name of 'Operation Gangula' in Huzurabad, state Finance Minister, trouble-shooter T. Harish Rao, and Planning Commission vice-president B. Vinod Kumar will soon start campaigning in the field.

Effective TRS strategy

Twenty days after his dismissal from the cabinet, the suspense continues over the resignation of former minister Etela Rajender from the TRS and his resignation as an MLA. However, in the constituency he represents, the strategies implemented by the TRS party supremacy are yielding good results. When Rajender recently visited the Huzurabad constituency, the situation was changing for him. Several TRS seniors who had waited for twenty days made their stance clear through a press meeting on Wednesday that they would stick with the TRS fold.

While Etela Rajender has stated that he will announce his political future decision after the COVID lockdown is lifted, all of the MPs and Ministers who previously supported him are abandoning him one by one. Many TRS MPs and key leaders who once stood by Rajender during his dismissal from the ministry have now withdrawn their support.

We will work under the leadership of KTR

The majority of ZPTCs, MPPs, MPTCs, and municipal chairpersons, as well as many senior members who have been with the TRS since its inception, clarified their allegiance to the TRS on Wednesday. TRS leaders who organized the Kamalapur press conference made it clear that they would continue to work within the party under the leadership of CM K Chandrasekhar Rao and TRS Working President and Minister KT Rama Rao.

PACS Vice-Chairman Indrasena Reddy, Pingali Pradeep Reddy, and other MPs and former MPs were present at the meeting. Etela Rajender's behavior at the press conference was criticized by TRS state secretary Banda Srinivas, Huzurabad municipal chairman Gande Radhika Srinivas, vice-chairman Kolipaka Nirmala Srinivas, MPTC Tallapelli Srinivas, and others.

He asserted that their allegiance would remain within the TRS and that leaders who surrendered to money and temptations would be removed from the party and its constituency.

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