Khammam Home Guard's Family Attacks Woman Suspecting Illicit Affair

 - Sakshi Post

 The woman was single and eked out a living by working at a grocery store 

The incident of an indiscriminate attack on a woman on the suspicion that she was having an extra-marital affair with a Home Guard has come to light in Bhadradri-Kothagudem's Illandu. 

A single woman residing in LBS Nagar of Illandu town in Kottagudem district worked at a local grocery shop. Naresh, who works as a home guard at the police station, lives in the R&R colony here. 

Naresh was at the woman's house on Sunday afternoon when Naresh's mother and his relatives attacked the woman house. The two were speaking when this happened out of the blue.

The woman was indiscriminately beaten and handcuffed with a rope outside the window. However, the victim contended that Naresh had promised to help her get some financial assistance and hence was at her house. He had been frequenting her house over the last few days in this regard which led to rumours that the home guard was having an illicit affair with the single woman.

When these gossips reached the ears of Naresh's family, they launched an attack on her. However, things calmed down after the police intervened in the matter.

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