Prakasam Biggest District in AP, Vizag Smallest

Prakasam Biggest District in AP, Vizag Smallest - Sakshi Post

Prakasam district has a total area of 14,322 square kilometres.

The district of Visakhapatnam is 928 square kilometres in size.

Alluri and Manyam are the two new tribal districts.

In the district of Alluri, there are at least three constituencies.

Amravati: The state is divided into 13 districts and has 25 Lok Sabha seats, 175 Assembly constituencies, 51 revenue divisions, and 670 constituencies. They were re-distributed by the state government into 26 districts. Prakasam will become the largest district after the reform, covering 14,322 square kilometres. Visakhapatnam will be the smallest district, covering 928 square kilometres. Kurnool is the most populous district, with a population of 23.66 lakh people. Araku has the smallest population of 9.54 lakh, making it the smallest district in the state. Alluri and Manyam, two tribal districts, will be established. There are at least three seats in the Alluri district.

The Mandals are divided into two parliamentary constituencies.

The two districts are divided into five mandals.

Anantapur Rural is part of the Anantapur and Hindupuram Parliamentary constituencies.

The Jami Mandal of Vijayanagaram District is located in Visakhapatnam, the Vijayanagaram Lok Sabha seat.

Machilipatnam and Vijayawada Lok Sabha seats are located in Vijayawada Rural Mandal.

The Tirupati rural Mandal is divided between the Lok Sabha seats of Chittoor and Tirupati.

The Anakapalli and Visakhapatnam Parliamentary seats overlap in the Pedagantyanda constituency.

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These mandals will be included within the district of the current Lok Sabha seat. Anantapur Rural Zone is in Anantapur District, Jami Zone is in Vijayanagaram, Vijayawada Rural Mandal is in Vijayawada, Tirupati Rural Zone is in Tirupati, and Pedagantyada is in Visakhapatnam. This signifies that no Mandal is located inside the boundaries of the two districts.

11 districts were ruled by the British.

Eleven of the state's current 13 districts were established during British rule. After independence, the Prakasam district was created on February 2, 1970, as an Ongole centre with some territories from Guntur, Nellore, and Kurnool districts for administrative convenience. On June 1, 1979, the Vizianagaram district was established, with Vizianagaram as its centre and some portions in Visakhapatnam and Srikakulam districts.

Revenue Division Reorganization

As of now, there are 51 revenue divisions in the state. In the Chittoor district, the Madanapalle Revenue Division is the largest. There are 33 zones in all. To make administration easier, the High-Level Committee advocated creating ten to twelve additional revenue divisions.

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