Andhra Pradesh IT Companies Are Preparing For Office Return

 - Sakshi Post

Things are slowly going back to normal. With approval of vaccines and decrease in daily COVID-19 cases, people are getting back into routine. Along with all this, even companies will gradually remove work-from Home and call the employees back to office.

Many of the Information Technology (IT) firms are now calling back the employees to the office. For many months, the people were asked to work from home due to the risk involving coronavirus. Till the end of last year, many companies decided to apply compulsory WFH for all its employees. More than 70 percent of IT workers were asked to Work from home.

Now many companies in Visakhapatnam have indicated to their employees that they will soon have to return to the office. Some firms have started working from the office. Even if all the employees are not back, the office will be calling at least half of the people in the office to work while also ensuring that the place isn’t packed.

The plans for return to the office were supposed to be implemented in January itself, but due to the UK strain, it got delayed. Since productivity is better when employees work from office, the firms want their staff to be back in office as soon as possible, but they will not implement it with the fear of UK strain spreading.

Similar news came for the Hyderabad IT firms. By the month of May, Hyderabad will most likely see an increase in RTO (Return to office). In 2021, more than 50 percent of the offices are ready to call back the employees to start working in the office itself. By the month of June, only 40 percent of the people will be doing Work from home in Hyderabad. 

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