TDP MLA Butchaiah Chowdary Unhappy With Telugu Desam Leadership

 - Sakshi Post

Internal differences in the TDP seems to have reached a climax. Meanwhile, a senior TDP MLA expressed dissatisfaction with the party leadership. 
Rajahmundry Rural MLA Gorantla Butchaiah Chowdhury expressed his dissatisfaction over the party leadership. He felt that the leaders did not care about his community. He objected to the preference given to Adireddy.

It may be recalled that Butchaiah Chaudhary made sensational remarks on the change of party leadership last March. 

His remarks at a function in Rajahmundry on the occasion of the 40th founding anniversary of the TDP that he was going to make major changes in the TDP led to a debate in party circles. His comment that a new leadership would emerge in the TDP was a hot topic at the time. TDP leaders are once again in a dilemma with Gorantla Butchaiah Chowdhury making sensational remarks against the TDP.

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