Will Manju's Growing Popularity Impact Aravind KP's Prospects in BBK Finals?

 - Sakshi Post

Ten days to go for the grand finale episode of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8. BBK viewers are waiting with bated breath to watch the grand finale and want to know who will be the winner of Season 8. It's known that Manju Pavagada and Aravind KP's names are making the headlines as the top contenders to win the BBK8 title. There's no denying that Manju Pavagada's popularity on social media is growing by day, thanks to his participation in all the tasks. He has entertained housemates and the audience with his comedy. Even Colors Kannada is focusing on Manju P a lot these days.

On the other hand, Aravind KP has a huge and powerful fan following. KP fans are hyperactive on social media when it comes to posting an update on his every single movie in the Bigg Boss house. We all know that the viewers of BBK 8 believe that Aravind KP will lift the trophy of season 8. But for a change, now we are hearing another name. No prizes for guessing. It is Manju Pavagada as predicted. As per viewers and analysts who have been closely following the show, Manju P stands an equal chance of winning the trophy. Going by the popularity the two enjoy, both the contestants seem to be on par when it comes to the possibility of lifting the trophy. But the winner will be decided based on votes garnered by the contestant. Now, fans of both Manju Pavagada and Aravinjd KP are in the race to make their favorite contestant win the trophy. Will Manju P's growing popularity spoil Aravind KP's prospects of winning the trophy of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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