Will Captain Divya Suresh Take Revenge on Chandrachud?

 - Sakshi Post

With Divya Suesh being declared as the new captain of the Kannada Bigg Boss house, BBK viewers can't wait to witness new drama. BBK viewers are excited about seeing Divya Suresh rule the glass house next week as the captain. We can say that the viewers are especially curious to see how the equation between Chandrachud and Divya S will change following the latter becoming the captain. It is known that from day one of the second innings, Chandrachud was always seen taking a jibe at Divya Suresh's bonding with other contestants. first it was her relationship with Manju which he termed 'fake' and later it was her closeless to Shamanth which irked Chandrachud and made him say all that he said.

Even though Divya S has chosen to ignore Chandrachud, now, as a captain, Divya Suresh cannot avoid other contestants. She is required to share a good bond with all her housemates throughout her captaincy. In yesterday's episode, when Chandrachud was protesting in jail and refused to do any kitchen work, Divya S tried to convince him, but she failed. The question is, will Divya S continue to be patient with Chandrachud, or will she pay him back in equal measure for all that he has done till now?

Let us wait and watch how Divya Suresh will handle this situation.

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