Will Bigg Boss Makers Ban Natraj Master’s Entry To The House?

 - Sakshi Post

While Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 is about to launch in a day, all the contestants are leaking their entry to the house. The so-called celebrity contestants are confirming their participation in popular reality show through social media.

Some contestants like Artist Priya had earlier mentioned in their Instagram story that some surprise is coming up for her fans which clearly indicates that she is a part of the show. Celebrities like Anne Master, Swetha Varma, Anchor Ravi, Lobo posted videos on their social media platforms in which they are seen with hotel backgrounds.

We, being Bigg Boss addicts have now found out that another confirmed contestant, Natraj Master has leaked his presence in the fifth season of Bigg Boss Telugu. Yes, here is how Natraj Master confirmed his entry:

The most exciting question from Bigg Boss livers is that will Star Maa ban Natraj Master for violating its rules? Well, we have to wait and watch the premiere episode to know what happens. For more updates about the show, stay tuned to SakshiPost.

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