Is This Why Prashanth Sambargi Crying In Promo?

 - Sakshi Post

Kichcha Sudeep's Kannada Bigg Boss second innings has been trending on social media platforms ever since Colors Kannada resumed the show post pandemic shutdown. The show runners were expected to eliminate one contestant in the Sunday's episode. But, they failed to do it. Show analysts say that the channel may have wante to get maximum TRPs even for week day episodes. Looks like the elimination is likely to take place in tonight's episode.

In a latest promo released by Colors Kannada, Bigg Boss is seen asking all the nominated contestants to pack their bags. Bigg Boss does not specify who's going to evicted from the house in the epsiode to be aired tonight. However, Prashanth Sambargi is seen crying after talking to Bigg Boss in the phone booth. 

Speculations are doing the rounds that Prashanth Sambargi is crying in the promo because Shamanth got evicted or is he crying as Bigg Boss asked him to pack their bags? The two are good friends in the house. They always hang out together. And we also saw Prashanth sing praises of Shamanth calling him a top performer in Super Sunday with Sudeep episode last weekend. Perhaps, Prashanth may have broke down after hearing about Shamanth's eviction.  We all will get real answers in the epsiode tonight.

Stay tuned for updates.

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