Is This Why Nagarjuna Evicted Swetha Varma From Bigg Boss House?

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Sweta Varma's journey in Bigg Boss Telugu 5 has come to an end. Yes, Sweta was the sixth contestant to get eliminated from the show. Nagarjuna bid her a warm farewell, but contestants in the house were shocked on learning about her eviction and felt that Sweta deserved to stay in the house for longer. 

However, the reasons behind her eviction are not so typical. As per reports, it is said that Star Maa had to eliminate Sweta as the BB viewers were complaining about too much English that she used during the show. 

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It is known that Sweta used a lot of English words while talking. Telugu viewers who are not able to understand her language did not connect to the contestant and hence wanted her out of the show, it is being said. This led to a decrease in the number of votes garnered by the contestant after nomination. 

Now, Bigg Boss viewers say that all the remaining housemates should learn a lesson from her eviction and stop talking in English. Besides English, Swetha Varma had another minus point. Getting into nomination for the first time did not help Sweta to survive in the house as not many fans voted for her. If she would have come into the nominations in the earlier weeks, then the scenario would have been different. 

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