Why Deepthi Visited Bigg Boss Family Episode if She Wanted to Dump Shannu, Ask Netizens

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Deepthi Sunaina is making the headlines ever since she officially announced her break up with boyfriend Shanmukh Jaswanth.  When Shanmukh was in the Bigg Boss house, Deepthi Sunaina supported him a lot. 

Even though, Shanmukh received a backlash from show buffs, Deepthi urged everyone to vote for him. She also appeared in the family reunion episode of Bigg Boss to cheer up Shanmukh. 

Shannu fans are recalling all those moments and now questioning Deepthi Sunaina as to why she even went to the Bigg Boss family episode if she really wanted to focus on her career, which the actress cited as the reason for her split from Shannu.

Fans say that Deepthi perhaps came to the show not for Shannu, but for her own publicity. Another section of the audience are wondering what made Deepthi, who had lectured netizens not to judge by his behaviour in the house, take such a hasty decision overnight. Whatever be the reason,  Shannu-Deepthi breakup has surely left fans Heartbroken.

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