Why Colors Kannada Turned Against Aravind KP?

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Kannada contestant Aravind KP is inarguably an internet sensation. He enjoys an unbelievable fan following after he struck a chord with the audience ever since his entry into the Bigg Boss Kannada 8 house. Aravind has been making news on every possible media platform and online portals and television. He has to thank his fans for widely promoting him on social media with different hashtags and making him a trending star on social media. Aravind KP has only one goal - and that is to win the BBK8 title this year.

But now it looks like Colors Kannada may decide not to make him the winner or they have started making Aravind a villain among the audience. For the past few days, a section of the audience are urging Colors Kannada not to show any kind of favouritism to anyone and they also asked to give screen space to all the contestants in the house as they were only highlighting the cute couple Aravind and Divya Uruduga.

On Saturday’s episode, Kanmani was on the show in Sudeep’s place lecture the contestants for their weekly performance. She spoke pretty well about the contestants and she told Aravind that he was the most cunning and arrogant person in the house.

Looks like it was scripted by the show makers and she cannot speak her own words until the makers give her script. Has Colors Kannada changed their strategy to improve TRPs rating by making Aravind KP  look bad on the show?

On the other hand, the makers are telling through the show that they are not giving special treatment to anyone, as all are equal to them. However, Kanmani's remarks to Aravind KP have become a hot topic on social media. It is hard to guess or catch the Colors Kannada's mindset about the show though...

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