Why Bigg Boss Viewers Love Divya Uruduga

 - Sakshi Post

Actor Divya Uruduga has gained a lot of love ever since she entered Bigg Boss Kannada season 8. Divya Uruduga has impressed the viewers with her game and is now one of the hugely popular contestants on outside the glass house. Apparently, Aravind KP is also one of the reasons for Divya U's fame. The couple's chemistry is being much talked about and fans of the duo are trending the hashtag  #Arviya on Twitter.

Now, if you are wondering why she is so popular. Divya Uruduga fans have given a list. Fans say that she is very a strong and focused contestant compared to other female contestants. They also say that Divya U never backstabs anyone for the sake of winning the game. Some say she always balances her relationships and emotions with other contestants in the game. But for the past few days, Divya U is not concentrating on her game as she is often seen hanging around with Aravind KP. Keeping all this aside, Divya U is sure to bask in the glory of her fame even after completing her stint in season 8 of Bigg Boss Kannada. 

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