Why This Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Contestant Will Be Among Top 5 Finalists

 - Sakshi Post

Priyanka Singh has got a huge fan following after she entered the controversial reality show, Bigg Boss Telugu 5. Though Priyanka had a good number of fans earlier for her performance in Jabadarst, now the BB viewers have fallen in love with her attitude and behaviour. 

After watching her game and strategies in the house, viewers feel that Priyanka is a strong contestant in the BB house. However, after hearing her emotional stories, we can see that she had experienced many difficulties in her life before and after the gender transformation.

As she faced so many troubles and stood strong in her life, fans expected her berth to be confirmed for the finale. Besides this, Priyanka is a strong player who never gives up easily. In one of the captaincy tasks, Ravi and Vishwa chose Priyanka and Priya to perform a wood-cutting task in which Pinky competed equally with the opponent team. 

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With all these instances, BB viewers think that Priyanka Singh will definitely be among the top 5 finalists. Let's wait and see the further episodes and decide her eligibility. 

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