Why Are You Always Fighting With Women, Are You Scared of Male Contestants? Bigg Boss Viewer Asks Prashanth Sambargi

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Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 is all set to witness the complete nine weeks and enter into the tenth week. BBK viewers are excited about tonight's episode and are also in a total dilemma over who will get eliminated in the ninth week. 

If the buzz doing the rounds is to be believed Rajeev will be evicted from Bigg Boss house, but it is yet to be confirmed in the episode that will be aired by Colors Kannada tonight.

Now, Colors Kannada has released another promo 2, it seems that Prashanth Sambargi gets a call from one of the BBK viewers. The viewer questions Prashanth Sambargi on his fight over Omelette and reminds him that he was the first one to call Nidhi cheap. She also asks him why is he always seen fighting with women contestants only and not the male contestants. She goes on to ask if Prashanth is scared of the male contestants. The viewer tells Prashanth that there is nothing wrong with him eating omelette. But talking about culture or past of a person is wrong. To which Prashanth is seen telling her, 'call me a woman-hater.' I Guess this is what Prashanth said although it is not clear in the promo. 

In one of the episodes, Prashanth was seen fighting with Divya U, and Nidhi due to some reason. Watch tonight's episode to see what Prashanth S answers to the BBK viewer. 

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