Which Star Maa Favorite Contestant Will Get Eliminated In Pre-Finale Episode Of Bigg Boss Telugu 5?

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It is not unusual for Bigg Boss show organizers in any language to be liberal towards a few select contestants. The reasons although not explicitly revealed could be many. It may be that the contestant is hugely popular on  social media or it could also be that the contestant is getting TRPs for the channel with their behaviour. 

Now, if one were to go by the current season of Bigg Boss Telugu 5, RJ Kajal and Siri Hanmanth in the current season are being dubbed as the favorite contestants of Bigg Boss makers. Viewers say that RJ Kajal was supposed to get eliminated in Ravi's place, but the makers used an evicton free pass to save her from elimination. 

Talking about Siri Hanmanth, she has been trolled several times by the viewers for her proximity to Shanmukh. Bigg Boss viewers say the makers are protecting these two contestants and the two on their part are trying to push her into the top five finalists of Bigg Boss Telugu 5. We have heard from our sources that RJ Kajal and Siri Hanmanth are trailing behind other contestants in latest votes. 

Which contestant will get eliminated in the pre-finale episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is yet to be seen. Will show makers eliminate them or will they push them into top five finalists  remains to be seen.

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