Watch: Ugliest Fight on Bigg Boss Kannada 8

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Bigg Boss Kannada's Season 8 second innings is high on drama with fights between contestants getting more intense. Over the course of this week under Divya Uruduga's captaincy, there were many fights and arguments over the tasks. Chandrachud and Prashanth S, Prashanth S and Manju P, Priyanka and Chandrachud had a clash, but the most oft fought contestants this week were Chandrachud and Prashanth Sambargi. Now, in the latest promo, we can see Aravind KP break his silence over Prashanth Sambargi's comments.

Prashanth S and Aravind KP get into a heated argument and the fight goes out of control and contestants try to cool them. Now, this comes as a huge surprise just when we thought that Prashanth had given up his habit of getting into fights to focus on the game, he is back to his controversial fights after a long gap. Earlier last week, Aravind KP and Prashanth S were seen bonding, but now, it seems that the equations have changed.

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It is worth mentioning here that in the first innings also, Prashanth S and Aravind KP had many issues over Divya U's bond with Aravind KP. In a latest promo released by Colors Kannada, we can see Aravind and Prashanth getting into an ugly spat. 

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Let's wait and watch tonight's episode to know what exactly happened. 

Watch the promo here...

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