Vishwa Becomes New Captain Of Bigg Boss Telugu 5

 - Sakshi Post

It's that time of the week when Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestants go all out to accomplish the task assigned by the Bigg Boss to become the new captain of the house. As per latest buzz, Ravi, Sweta and Lobo were disqualified from the task as they destroyed house property.

It seems that they made dolls by gathering the cotton from the pillows in the house which made them get eliminated from the task. Even Siri and Kajal got disqualified from being a captain as they failed to perform their Sanchalak duties properly.
Now, there are only three teams eligible to play the game in which Priya's team has special power to take away all the dolls made by any other team. 

According to the latest sources, Priya's team used the power and one of their teammates, Vishwa became the captain of the house. However, as per the voting trends of the nominated contestants this week, Vishwa is in danger zone and has high chances of getting eliminated. 

Who will take over the responsibility of captain if Vishwa gets evicted from the show this weekend is to be known yet.

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