Ugliest Fight in Bigg Boss 15 House Between Top 2 Contestants, Deets Inside

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Finally, Bigg Boss 15 is seeing a lot of action inside the house. Contestants Re resorting to dramas and fights. Bigg Boss assigned contestants the task of saving the prize money. 

Non VIP contestants and VIP contestants got into a massive fight with each other to save money. In the promo, we can see that Umar Riaz, Karan Kundra, and Pratik Sehajpal get into an ugly physical fight. Karan tries to spoil Umaz's game, which Pratik points out. Karan walks up to Pratik and kicks him with his right leg. Later, Pratik argues with Karan, which leads to a physical fight, in which they tear their shirts in fight. Meanwhile, other contestants try to stop them.

Check out the video:

Anyway, Bigg Boss 15 contestants are firing mode and they seem to have changed their game strategy totally after Salman Khan's class in the Weekend ka Vaar episode. However, Bigg Boss 15 will always be ready for controversial fights. It seems that Bigg Boss 15 makers have succeeded in their plan to send wild card entrants to boost their TRP ratings. On the other hand, after Pratik and Karan fight, Shamita and Devoleena who witnessed this are shocked by their fight and Shamitha faints in the middle of the argument. So do not miss watching tonight's Bigg Boss 15 episode. Follow Sakshi Post for more updates. 

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