Udaariyaan Serial Written Update Today Episode October 25: Tejo Attacks Jass With Weapon

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In today's episode of Udaariyaan, Jass arranges first night with Tejo and forces her. But Tejo tries to escape from Jass. Fathe feels that Tejo is in trouble and tries to contact Tejo and her mother. Later, he rushes to Tejo's house and finds the house locked. Tejo picks up a weapon and warns Jass to be within his limit or face consequences. She threatens to harm him. Fathe overhears Tejo's voice and breaks into the house.  

Jass informs Jasmine that he is at Tejo's house. Jass tells Jasmine that he sent Rupay and Abhiraj to jail. Jasmine plans to convince Fathe for the marriage. Jass crosses all his limits and hides Tejo's phone so she can't contact Fathe. Later, Jass forces Tejo and troubles her. On the other hand, Jasmines arranges a candlelight dinner.  Jasmine also hides Fathe's phone on seeing Tejo call.

Tejo later tries calling Khushbeer to ask for help, but Jass doesn't allow her and locks all the doors from outside. Khushbeer hurts himself for leaving Tejo in such a condition. Fathe checks his phone and sees Tejo's missed calls. 

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