Udaariyaan Serial Written Update Today Episode October 23: Tejo In Deep Trouble With Jass

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In today's episode of Udaariyaan, Rupay and Abhiraj get arrested while Tejo requests police. But they tell her that they can't help as Jass should take his complaint back. On the other hand, Jasmine throws a party to celebrate with Fathe as Tejo left the house. Tejo tries to call Fathe for help and wants to inform about Jass's act, but Jasmine hides Fathe's phone. Will Fathe get to know about Rupay and Abhiraj getting arrested and help Tejo?

Jass enters Khushbeer's house with legal papers of his marriage to Tejo. Fathe warns Jass to stay away from Tejo. Jass blackmails Tejo saying he will legally take action against Khushbeer's family. Tejo lashes out at Jass and asks what he wants. Tejo decides to leave Khushbeer's house and go to her parents house and asks Jass of if there's a law stating a wife can't get upset with her husband and go to her Maika. She also says that after the court reopens, she will file a case of domestic violence and fraud against him. Tejo tells Jass that she will make sure that he goes to jail.

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Tejo leaves the house and goes to her Maayka where Jass comes to Rupay's house and provokes him that he got Tejo married to Fathe for money and sent Jasmine also. Later, Abhiraj and Rupay beat up Jass for holding Tejo's hand. Police come and arrest Rupay and Abhiraj on Jass's fake complaint that they are trying to kill him. Tejo Convinces the police saying Rupay and Abhiraj did not commit any mistake. But the police register criminal case against them. 

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