Udaariyaan Serial Written Update Today Episode October 21: Jass Takes Tejo With Him?

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In today's episode of Udaariyaan, Jasmine visits Jass's house with sweets and tells him that she is so happy that Tejo and Fathe's marriage is illegal. Jass and Tejo's marriage is legal. Jass then thinks that if Tejo won't go to him, then he will file a case against Fathe saying he is not allowing Tejo to come. Fathe requests Tejo to eat something, but she says whatever relationship he had with her was legal but the heart bonding is gone. Fathe leaves Tejo's room.
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Jasmine gives Gurpreet's diamond necklace to Jass and she steals the necklace. Jasmine acts like she cares for Tejo and tells Khushbeer and their family that Tejo can't be in the house as Fathe and Tejo's marriage is illegal and Jass will not accept it. Gurpreet warns her to shut her mouth and reminds her that Khushbeer brought Tejo into the house as his daughter. Later, Tejo gets a call from a student saying that he is going to attempt suicide as he fears failing the exam. Tejo rushes after the call and Jasmine informs Jass about it. Jass kidnaps Tejo and takes her for lunch. Tejo warns Jass and comes back to the house and informs them about it. Later, Jass makes an entry into Khushbeer's house with family to take Tejo. For more updates follow Sakshi Post. 

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