Udaariyaan Serial Written Update Today Episode October 12: Khushbeer Accepts Simran

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In today's episode of Udaariyan, Tejo brings Simran to the house and Jasmin's plans fail. Tejo asks Simran to reveal that Candy is her son to Khushbeer before Jasmin tells him in a wrong way. Tejo brings Simran to  Khushbeer where the family gets to know that Candy is Simran's son. Khushbeer and his family is shocked on discovering the truth. On the other hand, Jasmin takes advantage of the situation and asks why did she not tell the truth about Candy to Khushbeer if she respected him as her father.

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Tejo warns Jasmin not to interfere between them. Later, Khushbeer supports Jasmin. Tejo pleads with Khushbeer to forgive Simran. Khushbeer lashes out at Tejo and says he will never accept her after the humiliation she caused the family for her love. Tejo takes Simran with her as Khushbeer doesn't accept them. Candy cries and asks Khushbeer to shop for them. Candy's innocent plea melts Khushbeer and he accepts Simran. 

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