Udaariyaan Serial Written Update November 6: Fathe Breaks Down Over Tejo's Absence

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In today's episode of Udaariyaan, Fathe comes back home drunk and Simran takes him to his room. Simran tells Fathe that she can see his pain caused by missing Tejo in his life. Fathe goes into the bathroom and cries uncontrollably. He decides to check on Tejo whether she is ok or not and visits Rupay's house. Meanwhile, Angad meets Tejo at her home as she is feeling sick. When Fathe visits Tejo's house, he sees Tejo and Angad having a good time.

Tejo decides to leave the house, Khushbeer requests her not to go but Tejo leaves the house. Rupay takes Tejo home. Jasmine arranges for a party and invites her friends home. Jasmine tells Sweety that she will celebrate over the reason that Tejo is out of his life. Sweety warns Jasmine saying Khushbeer and Gurtpreet might lash out at her. But Jasmine says that they went to the Gurudwara. Simran asks Jasmine to stop the party, but she gives irresponsible answers to Fathe's sisters.

Khushbeer and family return home and see Jasmine enjoying at the party. Khushbeer lahses out at Jasmine and asks her friends to leave the house. Khushbeer blames Gurtpreet for everything and she breaks into tears and says he is also his son and shares her fear with Khushbeer about Jasmine and Fathe's future. On the other hand, Fathe meets Angad and tells him that he is not happy though he got what he wanted. 

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